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Centrifuge classification

It is a specialized centrifuge manufacturing unit integrating 

scientific research and production.

About us

Zhangjiagang zhongnan chemical machinery co., LTD. (formerly zhangjiagang zhongnan chemical machinery factory) is located in zhangjiagang, a beautiful and civilized city in China, with the Yangtze river in the north and Shanghai and zhejiang in the southeast.

The company was founded in 1996, is a collection of scientific research, production in one of the centrifuge professional manufacturing units, established a very perfect quality assurance system, and has a professional testing team.

Strong technical force

Complete processing equipment

Advanced detection means

Considerate after-sales service

· Zhongnan chemical technology strength, has a professional design team, advanced testing means.

· It has more than 100 specifications and varieties in the 18th series.

· The products are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, salt, new energy, environmental protection and other industries of solid-liquid separation.

· The expert group went to the scene to investigate and communicate

· According to customer material characteristics and different production requirements, choose the matching centrifuge model and configuration

· Plan production plans and measures with high production efficiency and low production cost in advance.

· To have a deep understanding of the physical and chemical properties, separation requirements and technological process of the separated materials

· Discuss with customers, test and verify to ensure the rationality of model selection.

· Design special device/structure and centrifuge operation program to meet the specific process requirements of customers.

· Zhongnan machinery has a professional technical team, 7*24 hours quick response mechanism.

· Regular customer return visit, regular maintenance, free operation training, if there is an emergency at any time to help solve the difficulties of professional technology.

· To provide customers with worry-free after-sales service, and customers in the mutual learning to establish cordial, good relations of cooperation.

four advantages

It is one of the designated production enterprises of the general equipment company of the ministry of chemical industry. 

The company has strong technical force, complete processing equipment and advanced detection means. 

It has a long history in the design, research and manufacture of centrifuges.

delivery site & customer witness

More than 22 varieties of centrifuge have been successfully used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, new energy and other fields, 

and their excellent performance and stability have been unanimously recognized and praised by customers.





Centrifuge application field

More than 22 varieties of centrifuges have been successfully used in the fields of salt making, 

environmental protection, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and new energy.

Its excellent performance and stability by the majority of customers are unanimously recognized and praised.

News and information

Introduce you to the new industry trends and related technical solutions, 

as well as the dynamics of zhongnan chemical company

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